Goin’ Campy with Jason Shepard

Season 2 Episode 9

Aliens! Mothman! Star Wars! Ninja Turtles! Zombies! Drag Queens!? Yes, all in one episode!

We are talking PURE CAMPINESS with special guest, artist,Jason Shepard. Jason is a master of campy, pop culture inspired art AND the author of his own comic book series, Price: Private Investigator.

In the Episode:

  • What the hell is camp, anyways?
  • The Little Green Men Festival
  • The Mothman Festival
  • Jason’s style & how he started creating comics
  • John Waters, the master of camp
  • Campiness movies, comics, TV, & our own art


About Jason

Jason Shepard is a Lexington, Kentucky-based comic artist/cartoonist and our guest for episode 35 of Weird Appalachia! Honing his skills at a young age, he was inspired by comic books he would read as a child and the low-budget sci-fi/horror/action flicks of the 80s. Over the years, he’s developed a uniquely-recognizable art style that incorporates many references to retro pop culture, is writing, illustrating and publishing his own independent comic book and is about to make appearances at some upcoming festivals where his work will be most at home, including Point Pleasant, West Virginia’s legendary Mothman Festival!

Jason Shepard on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jasonshepardofficial/

Jason Shepard on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jasonshepardofficial/

Price: Private Investigator is Jason’s completely independent comic book series. Written, drawn, inked, and published by Jason himself, it is most definitely Weird Appalachia approved!


“The Lost Art of” Podcast

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Listen Here: https://thelostartofpodcast.wordpress.com

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Don’t miss Jason Shepard at this year’s Little Green Men Festival and Mothman Festival!

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